I used to be a slim girl in high school, but then over the years, I started to put on weight. It wasn’t noticeable in the beginning and I didn’t bother because I never considered that I’ll be one of those girls asking about diet pills and work out routines. But that’s exactly what happened. I didn’t get a chance to try a lot of exercises or join a gym so I was looking for solutions that will just easily fit into my routine like what kind of diet plan should I follow. Can wearing some kind of weight loss belt help me? Can I just skip a meal now and then, will that help me shed some pounds? Can I find that one magic pill that’ll make me that beautiful skinny high school girl again? Then I heard of PhenELITE.

It is a common misconception that you could lose weight from a specific area, instead weight loss is uniform meaning fat is lost uniformly from all around the body. That’s why these belts don’t even work. The other option is that I could have skipped meals but that is never recommended by anyone. With skipping meals all that happens is that you feel hungry for longer so the next time you eat it is natural that you would want to eat more. Moreover, missing meals and having large gaps between meals is actually worse for your health. The actual way to diet is to have smaller portions and more often. But with a lifestyle like mine, this is not possible. This is why i turned to weight loss pills.

How I Came Across PhenELITE

In my desperation, I took to the internet looking for products that I could use to lose weight. I’m not the richest of people so one of my restrictions was that whatever I look for has to be cheap. Finally after days of research I found Phenelite.



My Research About PhenELITE

I started my research after ordering the PhenELITE, which I know wasn’t really smart of me, I should have done that before making the purchase. On digging a little deeper, I found out some positive things about this product. Firstly it was one of the best seller products, It had over 6000 reviews on it, out of which 4000 were positive and thumbs up reviews, PhenELITE claims that using it will reduce your appetite significantly, it will boost up your basal metabolic rate drastically so whatever you eat is metabolized rapidly instead of being stored as fats, and it will enhance your energy levels. But then all these pills are supposed to claim all this, only rarely they fulfill their promises.


Green coffee bean, caffeine, raspberry ketone, Garcinia Cambogia, green tea extract, EGCG, gelatin, silica and vegetable magnesium stearate.

Some of these ingredients are well-known to help increase digestion rate and are used in home therapy of weight loss. Like, green tea and coffee, my mum had already suggested to using those. I looked up the rest of the ingredients and was relieved to know that they don’t have any major or worrying side effects and they do help fasten the metabolism of human body.
So up till now all my research was making PhenELITE look promising to me and I was all happy that I made a good purchase but wait what happened next was really worrying.

My Concerns

Even though I got impressed at first to see all those five-star and super positive comments at the top, but when I decided to read the negative comments I was shocked, there were people who were complaining of zero results and even a lot more people complaining of adverse side effects. There was a very large proportion of these negative comments in the reviews section. Then there was no official site of PhenELITE, that means no definite manufacturer, just a name on Amazon. All this made me doubt the validity of all those positive comments about PhenELITE and it all started to look shabby after I read one negative review that a majority of the positive comments were faked by sellers. I was really disappointed but then I gave myself hope to think that everything doesn’t work for everyone alike, it will probably work for me. So, I took the risk, since I had already bought it, I started using it.

My Experience

I started using it hoping it’ll work. First week and I started to feel a bit nauseous. I didn’t relate it to PhenELITE pills because it wasn’t that significant. But then there were more symptoms, I was sweating without any reason, I started to feel a bit dizzy too with increased nausea. But I continued to take the pills for a whole month only to be disappointed at the end of it. I lost a quarter of a pound. And quite honestly I don’t think pills did anything to make me lose even that quarter of a pound. It was a waste of money. Just what I was afraid of, Fake publicity.

I definitely declare this product as NOT RECOMMENDED for use. If you still want to do your own research, go ahead find it here: PhenELITE

Then Came FENFAST 375

I was right where I started, clueless and skeptical about everything that’s out there on the market. I decided that I’ll do proper research beforehand and then make an informed decision. I spent a lot of time reading reviews and asking people who actually used those products. I made a long list containing names of almost all the weight loss products that are available on the market. I spent all my free time collecting information about each of them, I had to cross out a major portion of them since they all turn out to be scam at some point. There was this one product which captured my attention, FENFAST 375. I focused my research on this product and here is what I found.

Good Things about FENFAST 375

It has an official site of its own. It’s not just a name on Amazon. Its manufacturer is not unknown. A company named Intechra health which has made other supplements like Phenblue, etc. It is a best seller product. Manufacturer provides links to scientific studies which prove that the ingredients work. It has almost two thousand reviews the majority of which are good ones.

Not So Good Things about FENFAST 375

There are a lot of negative reviews too. But the brighter side to that is, all negative reviews complain of it not being as effective, no one is complaining of adverse effects. The scientific studies that manufacturer provides don’t give definite answers. Well, another not so good point for me was that I found Fenfast 375 to be a little expensive.


Beta-Phenylethylamine HCI

Hordenine HCI


Like any other product of weight loss in the market. Fenfast375 claims to do Appetite suppression and reducing calorie intake up to 50%. Provide a lot of energy while doing the major fat burnout. Make you lose up to 25 pounds within a month and reach your weight loss goal faster!

How does it work

It is supposed to work through thermogenesis, which literally means heat generation. That means it helps to burn our fat to generate body heat. Also, they promise to raise our BMR that is Basal Metabolic Rate. As we know that athletes and skinny people have high BMR their food intake is processed to perform their body functions rather than being converted to fat and stored under the skin in adipose cells. Its function to decrease appetite is not understood, no ingredient present in the tablet is known or proven to decrease your appetite.

Side Effects

No major side effects have been reported. It has trimethyl xanthine which is the pharmaceutical name for caffeine so excessive doses or dose before bed might make you lose sleep.

What is the recommended dosage

4 tablets are recommended to be taken in one day. 2 tablets in the morning before breakfast and 2 before lunch, don’t take it before your sleep time. Read the ingredients carefully if you have a history of allergy or reactions, there is very little chance of that happening but since every human body is different, if you have any concerns you can start with half of the recommended dosage or consult your doctor before starting using it.

My Experience of Fenfast 375

Since I found it to be a promising product, even though I found it to be a bit expensive, I took a shot and ordered it. I started using FENFAST 375. I was again experiencing increased sweating which made me worry that this will turn out to be like PhenELITE experience again. But fortunately, it started working I lost 2 pounds in the first week, then another 2 pounds in the second week, 3 pounds in the 3rd week and to my surprise 5 pounds in the 4th week. I know it wasn’t 25 pounds a month like they promised but I was so happy that it was working I ordered another bottle and continued using it through the second month and coupled it with a careful healthy diet, I made time to do weight loss exercises too and I lost almost 20 pounds in the second month. So Yay I found my solution. I did experience sleep deprivation in the beginning but I got tolerant to that effect.

How to get Best Results

To experience best results, do not just rely on any kind of pills. Nothing is going to work like a miracle, there is no magic pill, even the most expensive and best treatment only works when you do all the things to help the treatment to progress. So eat healthy, cut out all the junk and unhealthy food from your routine, eat steamed or roasted vegetables and meat, avoid using oils and fats. Make time to work out, do a lot of walking and running or even cycling if you can, include all this in your daily routine. Don’t miss a dose and stick to eating for the longest time to get the results you want.

SO, I definitely recommend Fenfast 375.

Where to buy it

Ok so now that I have shared my experience of using these two top weight loss pills, let’s come towards the question of where to buy it, well the PhenELITE is currently available only through online amazon stores and FENFAST 375 is available on its official site as well as on amazon online store. If you guys are anything like me you’ll do your independent research on where to buy any of the product for the absolute cheapest price, so go ahead and dig deep into all online stores that you can find, my advice is to go to a store with international reputation where previous buyers of the product can share their opinions freely and you can read all the negative stuff too and make an informed and wise purchase. I bought mine from amazon.


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