Why Nuviante Is The Only Solution You Really Need For Your Hair

This is the story of my younger sister. Two years back, when she was only 18 years old, we started noticing that something was changing about her. She was a very confident and outgoing person, very active in her school activities and had a very long list of friends. Given all these qualities, it shouldn’t be a surprise that she was absolutely adored everywhere.

But something happened and she was increasingly changing to the point where she became a shadow of her former self. She started to become an introvert person, avoiding social gatherings, her grades were dropping and she wasn’t participating in extra curricular activities at school anymore.  Her charismatic and vibrant personality was gone along with all her confidence.


Whenever someone asked her what was wrong, she would just avoid the question and change the topic. We were worried. In all those big changes about her, no one noticed that she had started to wear caps and hats or scarves and was changing her wardrobe to fit those things in.

When I confronted her about this, she finally told me what was wrong, she took her cap off, which she was wearing at that time, showed me small patches where she was going bald. I was extremely shocked and taken back. No one in my family ever had that kind of problem. She obviously felt it was a matter of shame so she never asked anyone for help.

The first thing I did was to comfort her, I told her it wasn’t that big a deal, this is curable and I’ll help her to fix this.

My Research

Honestly, I was clueless. I had no idea where to even begin looking for a clue. What should I do now? I didn’t want to bring home some fake or cheap product and give her high hopes that it will work.

I couldn’t risk shattering an already torn apart person like that. I was determined to find the best product for her. So I worked day and night, searching the internet, reading reviews and comments about every single product that I could find. I didn’t just rely on the internet, I looked around for people who might have a similar problem.

I was surprised to know that the number of people suffering from the same or related problems was massive.

Two of my own friends were annoyed by the fact that their hair were becoming thinner by the passing day. One of my colleague’s father was depressed because his perfectly fine hair were starting to fall by great numbers.

I asked everyone the same question, What are you doing to solve this? I got quite a variety of answers so I created a long list of product names that people were using. In that list a name was appearing repeatedly, ‘Nuviante’, so I began to focus my research towards that.

What is Nuviante ?

Nuviante composed of ingredients which in their perfectly balanced proportion help the hair to grow healthily. They claim that it works at the cellular level to bring back life to your hair and solves problems of thinning hair, hair fall, pattern baldness and gives you fast-growing natural beautiful hair. Can it really do that? What’s in it that will do all those miracles? Let’s find out.


What are its Components?

Whenever you consider buying a product the first thing that one must look for is what are its ingredients and you can tell by if the components really do the job that you are looking for. If the name of the ingredients is new to you, you can always look them up to see if they have any harmful effects, are they safe to use.

Nuviante contains:

  • Horsetail contains the minerals silica & selenium. Silica improves the sheen, texture, and strength of your hair, as well as the strength of your nails and bones Selenium helps your body process iodine, which regulates hair growth.
  • Biotin also called vitamin H or vitamin B7, Biotin is important in fatty acid synthesis and necessary for rapid cell growth. Biotin is known to strengthen and accelerate hair and nail growth.
  • PABA works to restore hair by building protein, protecting against UV radiation to reverse graying as you age, and acts as a helper to support other substances and nutrients known to boost hair growth.
  • B5 strengthens hair follicles and hair growth at a cellular level by contributing to their nourishment. B5 relieves itching and flaking associated with dandruff by keeping your follicles clear of debris.

Even though I was still in doubt, Nuviante was the only one, out of everything I had come across, that seemed promising, so I took the risk and I ordered it. Before I gave it to my sister I told her that I wasn’t sure about this and let’s not get our hopes too high, just keep our fingers crossed and give it a try.

If it works that will be the best thing but if it doesn’t then it’s not the end of the world we’ll come up with something else. And then she started using it regularly.

What were the Results?

To be honest, there was no observable change for the first week. My sister’s hair were falling as usual and thinning day by day and I could see her scalp through them. It was painful. I lost hope. I began to look for other products and treatments.

Meanwhile, my sister was still regularly using it and to my surprise, she told me after the end of the second week that her hair fall was reduced to a minimum and she thought that the product was working. Even though this change wasn’t apparent to me. I could still see her scalp through her thin hair. But she seemed happier, she could feel the change, she hugged me and said told me that i saved her.


I didn’t know what to say. For few days, I thought that she has lost her mind. The product is clearly not making a difference, at least not an obvious one. However, by the end of the third week, it started to show obvious results. Her hair looked denser than before, I could see her scalp still but only if i looked carefully. It was working. I ordered more of the product and she continued to use it for a very long time.

It was very fulfilling to see her become her old self again. She was again seen In social gatherings, taking part in activities, all her friends were back in the circle. All this made me feel the satisfaction and happiness I had never felt before, I really did save her.

Do I recommend it to you?

Absolutely Yes, it would make me more happier if I could help more people, bring them out of the depression of this problem. I understand how hair can be so important. They change your whole look. They are essential to a complete and confident personality.

Who doesn’t love it when someone special runs their fingers through your hair. So if you have any problem with your hair that is making you sad, if you are worried that your hair is not growing, if you are afraid with increasing hair fall every day, if you hate how your hair is thinning and becoming weak with every passing week, it’s time to stop, enough with the depression and sadness and self pity , order your bottle of Nuviante today and turn your life around and when you do, please do tell me here, it ll mean a lot to me.

Who can use it?

Anyone facing problems relating their hair, whether it be hair fall, retarded growth, thinning hair, weak and breaking hair, facing pattern baldness, whether you are a girl or a boy, a grown man or woman, or an older person, it’s about time you take control and do something about your problems.

Any side effects?

We have gone over the ingredients before and you can be sure that everything in Nuviante is already a normal component of our body or we need to take them through our diet so it is safe to say that it doesn’t have any major side effects. But yes since every individual is different, and as someone could be allergic to something as natural as peanuts, it won’t be a surprise if someone is allergic to this product.

Be cautious and use it carefully for the first time and see if you have any reactions, even though the chances of that happening are almost down to none, but if unfortunately that happens to stop to use it and file a complaint immediately.

What to expect of it?

Just like I told my little sister I’ll advise everyone else, to have PATIENCE. It is the key to success in life. In everything you do, every chance you take, you must have determination and patience, believe in your decision, don’t conclude results too soon. You’ll get to enjoy the fruits eventually.

Every process takes its time. Naturally, our healthy hair is designed to grow only 0.5 inches per month. You see how slow nature can be. To see best results keep using Nuviante regularly and let your hair be healthy and grow with their natural beauty.

What is the recommended usage/dosage?

Doctors and experts have recommended that the best dosage for Nuviante is twice a day. To see the best results, you should preferably take the first dose of the day after your breakfast and the second dose should be taken at night-time after dinner, just before bedtime.

Things that you can do to help the treatment

-Stick to the regular routine of treatment, do not miss a dose.
-Covering your hair can help to save them from damaging sun rays and dry air and dust etc.
-Do not tie your hair with rubber bands and avoid other tight ponytail styles. Do not put stress on your already weak hair.
-Wash them every second or third day, avoid washing daily.
-Use a shampoo and a conditioner that suits your hair quality.
-Avoid intense hair treatments like re–bonding or extension.
-Do not comb your wet hair, let them be dry first.
-Avoid heat methods on your hair like heat drying or straightening, that can damage your hair.
-keep using Nuviante for at least 3 to 4 months and keep using it even after the treatment shows positive results.

Will This Work For You?

There are plenty of skincare gimmicks out there, and most of them are ridiculously expensive. With so many options it’s only natural for you to be skeptical about the results, and so i don’t want to promise my readers anything, i simply want to challenge you to do what i recommends: Try it for yourself! You won’t believe YOUR before and after!

Where to buy Nuviante?

Currently Nuviante is available in these countries

UK, Canada, Ireland,  New Zealand (NZ), India, UAE, Hong Kong, and Thailand.


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