Natural Supplements to Increase Sexual Power

The history of mankind has shown that in all cultures ointments, love potions and ritual practices have been prepared to attract the opposite sex, in addition to enhancing sexuality and fertility. These qualities were attributed for many years to plants and foods whose form resembled much in their natural state to the male or female sexual organs or even resembled in their scent to the genital secretions.

The ancient Aztecs considered a significant sexual enhancer to avocado, whose translation of Nahuatl is “testicle”, thanks to the form it has; The root of the mandragora is shaped like a penis, and for thousands of years has been considered aphrodisiac. In the Middle Ages it was recommended to eat fruits with lots of seeds, such as pomegranate and fig, for those who wanted many children.

Other foods owe their reputation as sexual stimulators to true medicinal qualities, such as basil, parsley, peppermint, onion, black pepper, clove, ginger and chili, as they increase blood supply in the urogenital apparatus ( Of which the genital organs are part).

It is also known that alcohol in moderate doses has a disinhibiting effect, a state very conducive to erotic activity, but excessively reduces desire.

It is possible to think that foods, vitamins and natural supplements to increase desire and sexual potency, “although they are effective”, it has been proven that with the help of these supplements and food in a few days begin to appreciate positive changes.

Some natural supplements ideal for increasing Sexual Power

Ginseng is a plant native to Asia from which the root is used because all the properties are found in it.

This plant has many benefits but we will only emphasize here those that directly influence to improve the desire and the sexual potency in men and women.

Ginseng has ginsenosides, stimulating substances that produce in the body the same effects as testosterone and it is widely known that testosterone is the hormone necessary to stimulate sexual desire and get better erection of the penis.

Decreased testosterone levels result in loss of libido, lack of arousal and problems in getting penis erection. Ginseng provides the necessary substances to aid recovery.
While testosterone is the main male hormone, it is also in the body of women and even in small proportions is necessary for the sex drive.

Other properties of ginseng are: provide energy, vitality, improve depression, stress and fatigue.

It is proven that depression, stress and fatigue are often the cause of loss of sexual desire as well as impotence or erectile dysfunction. Ginseng ensures that these pictures are overcome in a short time and with lasting effects.

The Gingko Biloba is a tree of Chinese origin of ancient life, unique in its kind and known in the world for its properties and benefits on the circulation of blood.

This plant acts by preventing the blood vessels from clogging and thus providing good irrigation in the brain, limbs and genitals.

Penile erection occurs when your spongy cavities fill with blood pressure reaching the area, if there is no good blood flow due to obstruction of veins or arteries the erection will not have the necessary consistency for penetration.

Gingko Biloba allows blood to flow freely, benefiting and enhancing erection.

Vitamin B3 or Niacin, nicotinic acid, has effects on the synthesis of sex hormones and also provides elasticity in blood vessels, allowing a good flow of blood to the penis.

Vitamin B3 is found in foods such as lean meats, liver, legumes, nuts, brewer’s yeast, milk and eggs.

All vitamins to a greater or lesser extent have influence to increase desire and improve sexual potency, since a healthy and properly nourished organism will be more willing to sexuality.

Vitamin E. It has almost prodigious effects as far as the sexual life is concerned, besides that it increases the hormonal production. They include vegetable oils, seeds, nuts, cereals, eggs, lettuce and broccoli.

Foods to Improve Sexual Power

Since ancient times the beneficial effects of some foods have been known to increase libido and erection of the penis. Among them are honey, pollen and royal jelly. These foods increase testosterone and improve sexual power, resulting in consistent and long-lasting erections.

Honey. Powerful natural nutrient that provides energy and vitality in general, but also contains abundant boron, a mineral that helps increase levels of testosterone, hormone directly related to desire and ability to have orgasms.

Pollen from bees. The qualities of the previous product in this one are doubled or tripled, to the degree that only one tablespoon daily is taken, taking care to chew the grains very well or to dilute them previously in milk, tea or any liquid; It should be noted that for every three weeks of consumption a week should be taken to resume its ingestion.

Avocado. Its nutritional content is high: rich in vitamins A and E, as well as in natural oils, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals that are essential for the generation of sex hormones. However, its aphrodisiac power lies in the pulp, but also in its seed (although it seems strange), which, to be exploited, must be broken into several pieces left in a bowl for 5 minutes with boiling water or milk, to be taken As an infusion.

Celery. Vegetables whose stems are edible and are characterized by containing a lot of water and cellulose (fiber), but also a substance that stimulates the production of male hormones.

Oats. It restores the energy lost through physical exhaustion, particularly those who live constant stress. It is especially indicated for sexuality because it encourages the increase of testosterone in the blood; In other words, it increases sexual desire.

Cinnamon. It is well known that it improves all kinds of problems related to cold (poor circulation, cough, fever and catarrh), thanks to, among other qualities, elevates body temperature. It also strengthens the nervous system and distances fatigue and depression, which is why it also reduces tension and anxiety, which in many cases are an obstacle to a good intimate relationship.

Cherry. Its high content of B vitamins is the possible justification for identifying it as a delicious aphrodisiac, since it increases the use of oxygen by the organism and enhances the cardiac function, so when it becomes necessary to more oxygenation as in the sexual act , This fruit is a great help.

Chocolate. It has been scientifically proven that cocoa (essential compound of this product), possesses considerable amount of phenylethynamine, chemical agent that activates the receptors in the nerve cells of the brain that produce sensation of well-being. It is said that the Aztecs conferred aphrodisiac properties on drinking hot and mixed with chile; what do you think?

Strawberries. Because they favor the best blood flow, qualities are attributed to it to nourish sexual ability and desire.

Apple. It is the symbol of sensuality par excellence and the forbidden fruit that seduced Eve and then Adam. As for aphrodisiac qualities there is not much to say, barely that is good stimulant. For dessert, and seasoned with cinnamon, is an option to consider.

Seafood. The “fruits of the sea” are important adjuvants in the sexual health, mainly for its contribution of minerals of high rank, like phosphorus, that helps to assimilate proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and to the proper functioning of the nervous system; Iodine, essential for the optimal functioning of the thyroid gland that is responsible for creating hormones that intervene in virtually all functions of the body, Zinc deficiency, which is regularly associated with erectile dysfunction and prostate problems.

Nut. It improves the circulation and functionality of the brain because of its high content of omega-3, phosphorus and magnesium; Collaborates in the production of red blood cells (in blood and responsible for transporting oxygen to the whole body), as well as improving depression, stress and fatigue. Eating 6 to 12 nuts daily is as positive for health as for sex.

Mint. It is said to be the first medicinal plant used for aphrodisiac purposes, since it is a delicate stimulant of the nervous system. In addition, it has various healing effects, among which we can mention the improvement of digestion and bad breath (no one will deny its usefulness in an intimate encounter), and can be used as a mild anxiety reliever. In romantic dinners it is not uncommon to offer a mint liqueur.

Minerals. Phosphorus, calcium and magnesium increase sexual desire; Are consumed by green leafy vegetables, sesame seeds and parsley, pork liver, cod, tuna and sardines in oil, chicken, egg and yogurt. Selenium helps in the production of hormones.


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