Why Do My Muscles Tremble When I Exercise?

Do your muscles tremble when you exercise? Do not worry, muscle tremors are very frequent when training, especially when doing strength or isometric exercises and are usually simply a sign that we are working to the fullest and that we are leaving our area. Comfort, so … well, we are moving !.

These muscle tremors when training (or just after exercise) have a rather complicated technical name “fasciculations” and it is only a matter of intramuscular nerve coordination. By training our nerves, they send signals to the muscles to contract.

Muscle tremors occur in less trained people, to explain it in a simple way we can say that the tremors occur because some muscle fibers are working while others rest, and when a muscle is “fit” all its muscle fibers are synchronized and Are contracted at the same time, so continuous and progressive training causes the tremors to disappear.

Although as I said the tremors are only a symptom of the effort we are doing there are other possible causes that can make our muscles tremble.

What other things can make our muscles shake?

  • That you have not hydrated enough, if you think that may be the reason you know what you have to do;), I always have my bottle of water nearby when I train.
  • That you have not recovered well from your last training
  • Sugar drops, a small snack before training can help you, a good pre-training snack option are the natural nuts (you know, without frying, toasting or salting).
  • Extreme physical stress.

What can I do to help my muscles with tremors?

  • Surely you can imagine, but you have to keep your muscles well hydrated, muscles need water to get oxygen and work properly.
  • Do not skip the stretches to help your muscles recover from the stress, here is a stretching routine that can help you.
  • Rest well enough, both after training and during training, while you are doing your exercise routine also you should rest when necessary. As a general rule, you should rest for about a minute between sets of the same exercise or if you are out of breath until you recover, although for larger muscles such as thighs and buttocks you may need up to three minutes between sets so that Recover.
  • It is a good idea that in your breaks between exercises or sets do not stop moving, you can jog on the site, walk or work a different muscle group, but you do not feel to rest.
  • And above all, keep training to get in shape, but with your head, do not try to beat yourself up one day and then be a week without doing anything, your workouts have to be continuous and progressive, get in shape in a long stroke, not there are shortcuts.



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