Dermagen IQ: Must Read Before You Buy

I am a 37-year-old woman. Let me get straight to the point, I didn’t expect to see signs of aging on my face so soon! Usually, women in their fifties complain of wrinkles and fine lines appearing on their faces, particularly under my eyes and on the forehead. Honestly, I was hoping I will not have to fight this problem even in my early 40s.

All my life, I have been looking at my mom and she has always been this beautiful woman with undeniably smooth and radiant skin and she didn’t discover her first wrinkle until she crossed the age of 50.

And here I was, in my late 30s, looking in the mirror, only to find these two big fat wrinkle lines, just below my eyes, staring back at me. Not only this, my dark circles had gotten bigger, deeper and darker. I could see a couple of fine lines on my cheeks too; frankly, I was worried sick. How could this be? If my skin is aging at such an alarming rate, in a couple of years, dare I say it; I will look older than my mother! I needed a solution.


What happens when your skin starts to age

First thing first, I needed to understand what exactly was happening to my skin. I took to the internet, as one does nowadays, and began to read topics, articles and forums to get to the bottom of this.

I even visited my physician and asked him some questions. I don’t want you to take what I am about to write as gospel but I have done my research to the best of my abilities so you don’t have to. A person’s skin ages due to intrinsic factors and can be variably affected by extrinsic factors. Firstly I will discuss briefly, in simple terms, the intrinsic factors.

Intrinsic Factors responsible for skin aging

Believe it or not and surprisingly enough, skin aging begins in your twenties but thankfully does not become obviously apparent until the later years. The fibers (collagen and elastin) in your skin begin to harden, becoming thicker eventually losing their shape and becoming loose resulting in the formation of wrinkles.

Through the ages of thirty going through into the forties, the moisture from the deeper layer of your skin, the dermis, is transferred slower to the external layer of your skin, the epidermis, causing the skin to become increasingly dry. Fat cells, particularly in the fat pads that make up the bulk of your cheeks, start to shrink which results in the loss of shape and volume beneath the skin which keeps the skin taught. This all results in the formation of deeply set wrinkles and lines which scream you’re old!

Extrinsic factors responsible for skin aging

I won’t write too in depth about the extrinsic factors themselves but instead, I will give you an idea of what factors actually affect the skin. Ultraviolet radiation (from the sun), excess alcohol consumption, tobacco abuse, and environmental pollution are all factors which affect the rate at which your skin ages. Your lifestyle and the where you live can determine really how much these factors affect you.

For example, if you live in a place that is very hot and has a high UV rating and you live near huge factories and industrial sites where there is a lot of pollution then you are at high risk of succumbing to extrinsic factors of aging. Stress is also a contributing factor towards aging meaning if your daily job, for example, is very stressful then that could also have an effect.

My Solution?

After I determined what was happening to me, I began to look about for solutions to my problem. I figured the best solution was one that could be done from the comfort of my home and wouldn’t require any procedures or surgeries to be done. The obvious remedy to my problems was to find something like a topical cream which was quick and easy so I began to search for facial creams to counter my wrinkles. There are many choices on the internet that one could pick from but what I needed was one that was relatively cheap and effective.


A big ask I know, but with enough time and searching, I came across Dermagen IQ. I mean it sounded perfect exactly what I was looking for because it lists the following, and I am quoting directly from their website;

  • “Eliminates the Look of Dark Circles”
  • “Reduces the Appearance of Wrinkles”
  • “Enhances Skin Hydration”
  • “Counters Effects of Stress”

Let’s be honest if it actually performs and  does what it says it does, I will be one very satisfied customer.

My research about Dermagen IQ & its ingredients

Let’s first take a look at what we actually receive through the post. We get 30ml cream that states on its label very proudly “ANTI-AGING CREAM” and this is about all we get on the actual ingredients. Nowhere else on the website does it give a detailed breakdown on the ingredients either. The only thing we can go on it is that it contains phytonadione which is a form of vitamin K. This was very worrying for me; I felt like they should have given a list of ingredients. It does say on the website that it is made in the USA and it consists of 100% natural ingredients.

I like to make a very informed decision on everything that I buy.

However, I remained undeterred and I did a bit of research on vitamin K and it turns out it is very crucial to the skin. It turns out vitamin K stimulates the dermis, the layer of the skin in which your collagen and elastin fibers are present as well as blood vessels, to thicken. This causes the reduction of wrinkles and also an increase of blood flow to the surface of the skin. Vitamin K in fact actually causes the deposition of more collagen therefore directly countering the normal aging deterioration of these fibres.

Now if you read what I discussed earlier on the actual causes skin aging, you will realize that vitamin K deals with the exact reasons why skin ages to begin with. This was the main reason that convinced me about this product and I went ahead and ordered myself this cream. However, I should also state that vitamin K isn’t without its side effects.

Products that feature vitamin K have known to cause the following side effects including sun sensitivity, irritation, redness and a drying of the skin, so some people stop using them. This really depends on your skin and it’s a risk one should decide about taking beforehand.

Another thing that had me feeling slightly suspicious about Dermagen IQ is that the website looked like something from a common scammer’s site. When you visit the page you will see for yourselves but my mom always told me not to judge a book by its cover, so that’s what I did, I gave it a chance.

My Experience

A few days later the cream arrived. I can’t say I wasn’t excited as finally I was getting a supposed solution to my problem. I didn’t waste any time, I ripped open the package and started applying it straight away. For the first few days, I could not report any amazing changes apart from the fact my skin felt soft. In the second week of using it, I could still see my lines and everything was still as it was. It was just that my skin felt softer and less dry.

I was slightly disappointed if I am honest but it had only been a few days over a week so I powered on. In the beginning of the fourth week is when I woke up and, in the morning sunlight, I saw that my lines had reduced and bags seemed to have diminished considerably. In the sixth week, my fine lines and wrinkles had almost entirely gone.

I was very pleased and was very happy with the results. Mind you by now I had just started the third vial of Dermagen IQ. The effects weren’t as drastic as they had shown on the website and neither did I expect them to be because those photos look and probably are edited to begin with. I personally did not experience any side effects of the vitamin K and I would say my wrinkles and fine lines had disappeared 70-80%. This is actually quite the result.

Side Effects

I myself didn’t experience any side effects and as far as I have done my research, no side effects have been reported by other consumers. But still Dermagen IQ is not FDA approved at the moment so it will be best if you consult your physician before using it or use it on a small patch of skin on your arm before applying on your face, just to be sure that you are not allergic to it.

Do I recommend it

All in all, would I recommend Dermagen IQ to my friends and family and to you the reader?  Yes,  yes I would. It did what it said it would and the vitamin K performed exactly how it should have. I am very pleased with the outcome and without any noticeable side effects, I will be recommending Dermagen IQ for anyone who has the same problems as I did. But as with many things, do not rely solely on Dermagen IQ alone. It should be stated that you should also try and live a healthier lifestyle and use sun cream regularly and also eat well and get plenty of exercises. ?

Will This Work For You?

There are plenty of skincare gimmicks out there, and most of them are ridiculously expensive. With so many options it’s only natural for you to be skeptical about the results, and so i don’t want to promise my readers anything, i simply want to challenge you to do what i recommends: Try it for yourself! You won’t believe YOUR before and after!

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