Up A Cup Breast Enhancement Cream

I am a 24 year old women. I work in a bank in the customer complaints department so my job involves sitting down and talking to many people everyday. Some of my friends are still in university and are still studying so they have more free time to go out and have a great time out. They always used to come back with such exciting stories about meeting these handsome guys and I feel so left out. This meant I had to make the most of the opportunities that come towards me if I also want to get myself a handsome guy. Around that time, I had been feeling that any guy, not just the handsome guys, are not really that interested in me. I used to tell my friends about it that I am starting to feel self-conscious about myself. My friends used to always tell me that the first thing a guy sees when he is looking at you to maybe talk to you is from about your head down to about your lower thorax. That means face and breasts if you want me to be straight about it. Then if they see what they like they look at the other ‘curvature’. So if you really want a good first impression these are the things you should work on. Seemed a pretty logical way to think about it even though at first even I thought it was a weird way to think about it. I think I am an above average looking person. However my breasts were really small. So started looking on the internet and searched the average breast size and I found that a lot of women were asking the same question. This made me very conscious about myself because if other women are worrying about it then it must really be quite a big factor. I don’t feel extremely comfortable talking about what my bra size was but let’s just say that they were so small that after a while I began to get depressed and started to take sick days off work for literally no reason. I never thought that this could an issue the way it had become but in these increasingly ‘sexy’ modern times a women can’t help but feel the pressures of conforming to the beauty standards that society holds nowadays.

Up A Cup Breast Enhancement Cream

How I came across Up A Cup Breast Enhancement Cream?

I decided I needed a solution. One that would not involve surgery and long waiting times. I needed a solution that would be relatively cost-effective. So I took to the internet. I didn’t really know what I was going to find. In my mind the only solution for this was surgery. But I didn’t have the money nor do I like the idea of being cut open and having implants shoved inside of me. I came across some people talking about breast enhancement creams on a forum. I was pretty shocked as I guess you are too now because as an average person you don’t really hear about such solutions for small breasts. They had also recommended a cream called Up A Cup Breast Enhancement Cream and this is how I came across it.

What is Up-A-Cup?

On their website, Up-A-Cup is said to be “The Natural & Effective surgery alternative to fuller breasts”.  This Sounded too good to be true for me. This is exactly what I was looking for, a way to avoid surgery. So I began reading on. Up-A-Cup is a topically applied cream (applied on the breasts, obviously) that enlarges and firms the breasts as well lifting them up so that they don’t sag down. They claim it is perfect for small or flat chested adult women. One must use this cream for several weeks apparently to see results. This for me was kind of a turn off because I wanted a solution that was really quick as well as being effective; but, I guess, beggars cannot be chooser. I thought about it that no matter what the cost of this cream it would be cheaper than surgery and I would also avoid the long and dangerous procedures of surgery too. But I needed more information to be absolutely convinced on the product before I can order so I did a little more research.

Up A Cup Breast Enhancement Cream

How does it Work and what is it made Of?

On the website, Up-A-Cup claims that it “helps to increase the size of the breasts by stimulating new cell growth in the mammary glands (breast tissue). The cream essentially mimics your body’s normal breast development process while in puberty or pregnancy”. I did a bit of research online and I found that it is actually possible to eat specific things that could cause a natural increase in breast tissue. This cream was beginning to look like it would actually work. I was beginning to get some hope that this may just work but still I thought I should be careful and actually see what I will be getting inside this cream.

There is quite a detailed breakdown of what is actually inside this cream which is really good because It shows that they are confident that “Up a cup breast Enhancement Cream” is in fact natural and that it does works. So let’s have a look what ingredients are in this cream:

  • Blessed Thistle (Cnicusbenedictus) is native to the Mediterranean region and possesses powerful estrogen properties”
  • Damiana (Turneradiffusa) is a flowering plant native to the Caribbean, South Africa, and the Gulf of Mexico. Damiana contains a high concentration of phyto-estrogen (plant estrogen)”
  • Dandelion root is useful in increasing the production of breast cells and improving the overall health of breast tissues.”
  • Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis) has been clinically proven to improve hormone-related health issues in female individuals and has been show to improve estrogen levels”
  • Kava Kava (Piper methysticum), a plant common in the western Pacific, is able to increase the body’s production of prolactin”
  • Motherwort (Leonurus cardiac) is a well-known ingredient that is recognized for its natural ability in breast enhancing.”
  • Wild Yam (Dioscoreavillosa) is an essential herb that encourages overall breast health. The ingredient easily absorbs into the skin cells, giving the breasts a fuller look.”

From this we can see the repeated mention of estrogen and also a mention of prolactin. These are in fact natural hormones in the body that cause the production of larger breasts especially in the time of puberty and pregnancy. This collate with what was said before about this product if you recall earlier when I quoted that it “The cream essentially mimics your body’s normal breast development process”. This means that Up A Cup Breast Enhancement cream does contain the ingredients that do produce the effect that it claims.

My experience with Up-A-Cup Breast Enhancement cream

After all my hours of research into the product and the ingredients that it contains I finally decided to order the product. It arrived shortly after and I wasted no time in applying it onto by breasts. It doesn’t feel like it does anything, I mean it is not like you can feel your breasts grow. The first week I saw no changes in my breast size or felt any significant change in the weight. The second week came about and I still saw no changes. I was beginning to lose hope but then I remembered that on the website they recommend you use the products for 2-3 weeks so I continued to use the product. In the third week I felt like there was perhaps a change in the size of my breasts. They did feel somewhat larger and more firm but I didn’t want to get too happy too soon. In the fourth week is when I began to see an actual increase in the size of breasts. It actually worked! They were actually getting bigger! I continued to use the product into the fifth week and my breasts were actually getting bigger. Not at an alarming rate like an overnight drop but I think this is a good thing. If it is a gradual change then no one really notices. In the sixth and seventh week I could not see a major difference but they did feel much firmer. All in all I felt no side effects of using this cream either so for me Up A Cup Breast Enhancement Cream is a win!

Would I recommend Up A Cup Breast Enhancement Cream?

Hell yes I would! I mean I feel so much more confident and so much more comfortable in my body. This has really made a big difference in my social life because I feel so much more confident now going into work and social gatherings alike! If you are having the same problems as I was then please don’t waste any time just try Up A Cup Breast Enhancement Cream for yourself!

Where to order Up a cup breast enhancement cream?

Unlike other selling sites which offer free trials and you end up paying the price for a product you don’t even find useful only because those trial offers come with extremely complicated rules those companies deliberately make it so complicated so the consumer is confused but attracted to the ‘FREE’ offer and thus orders the free trial for 15 days but they send 30 day supply if you don’t send it back in 15 days you ll be charged full price not only once but every month to come. What I liked about this product is that they are not using these lame free trial tricks to fool buyers. They have mentioned plain total prices, you pay the price you get the product, you use it, if it works for you, you can order again, no automatic sucking the money out of your credit card tricks. They are keeping it simple.


Up A Cup Breast Enhancement Cream



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  • July 1, 2016 at 11:20 am

    I had a question about the product. . I would also like to purchase but have no visa card there is no other option ?

    • July 20, 2016 at 11:19 am

      Okay if you have a master card then there is an option to go with. As I checked out from their official website and sorry to say you here that that are not allowing other payment options to pay for their product.


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