Brain Food To Eat And Concentrate Better

Always the dilemma, which brain food to choose, or is it caffeine better after all? That is why we have prepared this list, make sure to follow it the next time you need a concentration boost.


Caffeine is making you more alert. That is why it is good to digest some of it, or drink coffee simply. But do not over-do it as it is bringing some consequences as well. The impact is short term so you need to consider some other sources too.


Sugar level should be kept high. The sugar is the one brain food that is feeding the brain and keeping it fresh as well. If you don’t mind gaining few pounds get a chocolate bar and eat away, watch the concentration flow in you. The sugar level will increase the memory which we so much need.


Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast after you wake up is the best thing to do for your body and yourself. It is going to make you more alert and the brain food will be delivered for the beginning of the day.


Fish is brain food, do not deny it! Eating two servings of fish week after week will flow the omega-3 unsaturated fats in the body and it is going to be thankful to you. Dementia has been lowered as well as the stroke dangers. Two more reasons to eat fish and enjoy it too.


Nuts, chocolate, whole grains – they are all in the cart. Fiber and vitamin E can be especially of contribution for the brain. Do not skip a bowl of nuts mixed with some chocolate squares, at least while preparing for the big meeting ahead of you.

There are a few steps to follow for your big day tomorrow:

1.Sleep well and about 8 hours

2.Get a great healthy breakfast (including brain food)

3.Make sure to exercise for at least 10 minutes before leaving the home.


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