My name is Michael and here goes my beard story. I am in my junior year of college. You’d think when you finally manage to get into a college that you are a grown up now and those high school years of being bullied and being picked on will be over.

But you are in for a surprise my friend. It doesn’t matter how old are you, you’d have to be up to the standards of good looks and stuff like that. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, sometimes lazy people like me do need a little push to put some effort in their looks.

I mean you won’t get girls to like you and even most of the jobs require you to be up to date and stylish. Standards of good looks and fashion change everyday and we all know that lush beards are a very popular look among men now a days.

Now the lucky fellas who have the natural gift of good facial hair growth would be like what’s the big deal about that? you want a beard, grow one. But for most of us guys, all the good things don’t come easy.

I couldn’t get my facial hair to grow more than an inch and even that were so scant and patchy that my friends would make fun of me and say that I am stuck in my pre puberty years. I tried all I could. My mum suggested me to use some oils and you all know the well known myth that more you cut or shave your hair off, the more heavy growth you’ll get.

Well I tried all that and nothing seemed to work. Then I took to science and tried to look it up in some books and of course google that what is the reason of my problem. It turned out there isn’t one reason. This is a condition with multiple factors responsible. It could be different for every person.

Beard czar

For some of us it is genetical, in which case there is only little that can be done. But more often this condition is due to reasons that are easily correctable. I will give you all the details about those reasons as we move forward but first I want to share this that it took me probably two days to do all this facts hunt and at the end of it I took a chance on this product named Beard Czar , because it claimed to give everything I needed.

But to be brutally honest I was not sure this would work, suppose it is the real deal even then what are the chances that it would work for me.

What are hair made of? What do they need to grow?

If you have the basic biology knowledge, you would know that our hair are made of a complex protein called keratin. So this isn’t hard to understand that a good protein content in your diet and adequate amount of it in your body will help your hair to be healthy.

But the story doesn’t end there. Its not just about what they are composed of but also about what promotes thick and heavy growth of hair so they won’t grow in patches and look scanty.

Beard czar

Now that is a topic for researchers and there have been many studies already and some are still going on. According to them Vit D and Vit A are especially important for hair growth because they promote the development of new hair follicles otherwise known as hair roots and also activate many of the older and dormant hair follicles. In addition to that Vit B including nystatin and biotin are also important in this regard.

Now the best way to obtain these nutrients is through diet because ideally that is how you get natural forms of all essential nutrients. So you should eat a lot of meat and milk, eggs, fish all are good sources of essential vitamins.

But unfortunately with the diet trends that we have in the west, our foods don’t fulfill our needs, even  with our best tries we cannot make sure that we are getting the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals and other essential minor nutrients. Even the raw meat we buy today is processed so you cannot be sure about these things.

Beard czar

Beard Czar and what’s in it?

This product caught my eye not because of the claims it made about its results but because of its ingredients. It claimed to contain everything I was looking for to supplement my diet with the right nutrients to help my beard to grow like those beard models.

Like I mentioned before I still had my doubts but It was a chance that I was willing to take and so I ordered my bottle. It was a trial offer so I was anxious to see the results in first few days.


My bottle arrived in time and I started using it. Now I do have the common sense to know that those follicles are not going to sprout all over my face in a night and make me a bushy beard character from Game of thrones or give me a beard of the length of Rapunzal’s hair or as silky and magnificent as Gandalf’ beard.

Ok too many unnecessary references there, sorry about that. Anyways so as I was saying even though I knew all that but I still had this child like excitement to see them grow fast and be satisfied that I found the right solution.

But to my disappointment, a week passed by and nothing happened. In the second week of using it I did feel some changes in my skin texture but hair were not growing as I was expecting them to be. Towards the end of the second week I did find, to my surprise, tiny hair growing in those patches that used to be hairless before in my no shave Novembers.

I am still using the product and to this date I am very satisfied with the results and i’ll totally recommend it to readers.

Downsides of the product

Now i didn’t notice any side effects but i do think that the results should have been more rapid so yeah it acts slow and you might need more than one bottle worth of usage to see desired results. Plus some people might show some kinda skin reaction or rash but that is very rare.

P.S I have used this product for over a month now and I intend to use it in future too so if I feel any negative effects or the effects stop being as satisfying as they are now then I’ll ask the website to update this article.

Same for the readers if you are already using it or try it through this page then make sure you share your results in the comments section.

Will This Work For You?

There are plenty of products out there, and most of them are ridiculously expensive. With so many options it’s only natural for you to be skeptical about the results, and so i don’t want to promise my readers anything, i simply want to challenge you to do what i recommends: Try it for yourself! You won’t believe YOUR before and after!

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