I work in a bank. I earn quite a good sum of money for a 27-year-old young man. I consider myself a fairly smart person. Definitely above average.

After high school I could have been accepted in an engineering or medical university but I could not apply because of the financial conditions my parents were in back then.

But by no means have I ever had any regrets. I wasn’t really interested in this banking field in the start; I just pursued it because it was a rather easy opportunity for me at that time.

But since then I have developed a lot of interest in the field and this interest along with a lot of hard work and increasing experience I’ve managed to achieve a lot of goals, got so many promotions. I am totally content with my life right now. Except one thing.


Quite recently, maybe 4 to 5 months back I was handling income pay-outs to employees of a big company and I made a big mistake in the record keeping, that mistake could have proven really costly to the bank and I could have lost my job, but luckily thanks to a colleague and a very close friend, he noticed it before it could go in the final record and told me about it.

I was really shocked at myself. It was such a stupid mistake I was probably just absent-minded when I made it. I corrected it.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about it because my usual self would never make such a mistake.

Anyhow I tried to move on and forget about but I started to notice that I was beginning to make similar blunders, they were of very insignificant nature, like I would forget my keys in the car, my wallet somewhere, one time I had this fancy first date dinner with this beautiful lady and I forgot to pay for it, as I was escorting her out the place, waiter came running asking me to pay the bill.

It was the most embarrassing thing. Now maybe these sort of stuff are usual things for most of the people, who doesn’t forget their keys here and there but it wasn’t a usual thing for me I never used to be inattentive or forgetful, I am a very focused person. Hence naturally, I was really concerned about what was happening to me.

I talked to a few friends and they all said that these were minor things that they face every day. I shouldn’t make a big deal out of it. Just start to take your tea and coffee extra strong and more frequently. I did that. I was taking a lot of caffeine but it wasn’t really restoring my original mental capabilities. I needed something stronger than tea or coffee.

What was happening to me?

Just like everyone does, I sought out Google’s solutions to my problem I also talked to a few doctor friends about what was happening to me, why was I going dull and slow. The reasons were pretty common ones.Regular everyday stresses of life that we don’t consider will be so important as to affect out mental capabilities, but you’ll be surprised that is exactly what they’ll do, they accumulate over time and begin to clog your brain and its capacities.

You stop being the creative intuitive person you were in the past or in earlier carefree age. As we keep growing up we keep building the pressure inside our brain, the pressure to perform well on a test, the pressure to get into college, the pressure to look good to assure that girls are liking you, the pressure to get a job, the pressure to be the best at what you do, the pressure to settle down, have a house, have kids, to provide them with everything.

The pressure level keeps rising with every breath you take there is no haven in this world that can shelter you from the pressures of life.


Is there a solution?

Now the question arises.

Is there a way to lessen these pressures? The answer is No, you can’t run away from life and this my friend is life.

Now the more important questions.

  • Is there a way that we can handle these pressures better? Can we save our brain’s capabilities? Can we perform with full capacity while tackling all these stresses of life at the same time?

The answer is Yes. There are some debate able ways to enhance your brain function. You must have heard of Nootropics. Ever since ‘Nootropics’ came in the market they have been a controversy. You will find a million products over the internet and each of them will have a zillion reviews half positive half negative.

That’s all marketing my friend. That is why I decided I’ll do proper research before I invest in a controversial product. I started from the bottom what are nootropics? how do they work? What ingredients do they use? Read below to find out more.

Nootropics, are they a mere controversy?

As I dug a little deeper I found out that these drugs aren’t based on nothing. Either that or they have done their research too before they put on the show of marketing. They work somewhat like tea or coffee and many of these drugs do have the same ingredient that tea and coffee contains “Theophyline and caffeine” they work by increasing action potential duration of our nerve terminals.

In more easy terminology they work to keep our nerves more active for longer periods of time. Through the same principle these and other different ingredients work in different areas of the brain, for example the brain area responsible for focus, the brain area responsible for sense of awareness and wakefulness, the brain area that stores and retrieves our memories.

So if these supplements promise to give us better focus, better memory, better overall cognitive function, then I guess that is not a far-fetched idea. Science is advanced enough to make all that possible.

I decided to try out ‘Adderin’ Smart Pill:

Now like I have mentioned before there are a million products out there and you can’t tell which one should be trusted. So I couldn’t just believe the good reviews because there were equally bad reviews of almost everything. So I decided to try out something new something that looks like a real deal. I chose adderin because it’s landing page appealed to me.

But that wasn’t enough I tried my best to find a real consumer of this smart pill, it was really hard because it’s a new product, and not many people around me pop these smart pills, they are content with the brain they have. Anyhow I didn’t give up I continued to search on internet communities to find someone who was already a consumer of this smart pill then luckily one day on Facebook I found out one of my friend’s friend was using it.

I called him up he was quite a young boy. I asked him all about it why he started to use it, is it helping him, has he experienced any side effects etc. To my relief he was happy he was using this smart pill , he started using it because he was feeling he wasn’t performing up to his mental ability he thought he could do better and apparently this drug was helping him do it. He didn’t complain of any specific side effects. I was relieved that these things probably do work I should give this thing a try.


What does this smart pill claim?

They claim to enhance memory, focus and overall brain function. On their website they claim that this smart pill contains all natural products and no synthetic potent drugs. This is something important to note. There are drugs available in the market that temporarily enhance your mental capacity by 3 to 4 fold. Beware of these drugs. Anyone with a common sense will realize instantly on reading those kinds of claims that the product contains unnatural and harmful drugs they are extremely addictive and have other adverse side effects like tremors, insomnia, nausea, anxiety, racing heartbeat and so on.

This is a positive factor about this drug that they don’t claim to enhance your mental ability by 4 fold or give you a super human brain. They also claim that the product doesn’t contain caffeine which is a little hard to believe but I guess there are a lot of insomnia related complaints from other nootropic users so they might tried to cover that area.


They haven’t given a clear list of ingredients on their website which was a big turn off for me. But they do promise that it’s all natural and beneficial, natural but non desirable ingredients like caffeine, gluten, GMO ingredients are not used in the composition of adderin.

They mention that vitamin B6 and healthy amino acids are a part of the drug. They also mentioned on their website that this drug works by keeping regular levels of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is an excitatory molecule for the nerve terminals and it is understandable why it’s balanced normal levels are important for the cognitive function.


Side Effects

There hasn’t been any report of significant side effects. But like I mentioned before if you are using any nootropic or other supplement and you experience anxiety attacks or tremors, excessive insomnia, racing heartbeat etc then you should stop using the product right away and consult your doctor.

My experience with it

I used this smart pill and I have been using it for quite a time now. I have to say in the beginning I was a little disappointed because I didn’t experience any difference. But that is the thing about original natural supplements they don’t work like magic, you won’t receive a brand new brain in the package. But slowly I started to feel that I was working with the same focus and alertness with which I used to work before all these complaints started. I felt somewhat elevated energy levels and my memory was sharp again.

I did experience a bit nauseous the first two or three days of using the drug but quite honestly I am not sure if that was adderin or something else I took. Overall I was satisfied with the results and would definitely recommend it to people facing the same problems I did.

Where you can order this smart pill?

You can order it from their website where they say get your free bottle now, well that is not a single free bottle, you buy 2 bottles and can get third for free or buy 3 bottles and get 2 bottles free with that, these are just different offers. They don’t offer any free trials so that is another good point they tell you exactly what you will be charged and what you’ll get in return. 😉




  1. I take pleasure in, cause I found exactly what I used to be having a look for.
    You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a
    great day. Bye

  2. Having been tried for quite some months I believed by now, do you still having the same verdict on this supplement? Does it take what it claim to be without any side effects? I am still very caution at this stage if this could be another marketing strategy knowing the old traditional way of luring people to products becomes less effective than before. But I am not in any mean to suggest that the author of this article has in any relation in active promotion of the product. I am just a careful ordinary person trying to search a viable solution for myself.

    • Being critical of what you find on internet is a very smart thing and we don’t blame you at all there are scams everywhere, as far as marketing is concerned we are not here to do it, our site like you is just a critic site but yes we have tried to find happy customers to give people solutions of their issues, the author of this article was a real consumer and like he mentioned in the article its a new product, if it worked for him doesn’t necessarily mean it ll work for you too he hasn’t reported any side effects to date but again every person’s physiology is different other people could be allergic to or not immune to the side effects of same drug but so far its been a good product and is working for our author. If you are interested give it a try or if you find another solution let us know about your experience with it. Our readers will benefit from it.

  3. Interesting read…I would like to hear from the author’s experience, what happens if I stop using adderin? Do I have to depend on it all the time to function or I get the boost when I use it and become normal (the way I function now) when I am not using it? I am concerned with becoming dependent on the supplement to function; some sort of an addiction.

    • We contacted our author to respond to this, according to him this drug doesn’t cause addiction in pharmacological sense, but yes you do feel better while using it that could turn into a tea like habit/addiction, we guess that is only the psychological effect of it, there is no actual dependency. You can use it as long as you feel necessary and when you feel that your brain is working in its full capacity and doesn’t need (let’s say) this mental fog cleansing then you should stop using it.

  4. Hi
    Just came across this gentlemen ‘s experience with adderin and I wonder does he still feel the benefits or was a as they say a placebo effect. Also if so promising why has this not been recommended by the medical brains. Has anyone else tried it? Thanks

  5. Fantastic! This drug also improved my brain performance. A game-changer and a miracle drug.

  6. Hi, can I give this pill to my 14 year old child struggling at school with concentration and studying.

  7. I’ve just purchased five bottles as an adderin sales rep called me in little ol’New Zealand. Supposedly I’ll get my pills in 3 working days which is impossible so I’m already concerned. They also took my details over the phone. How am I to know I’m not being sent sugar pills for a costly price and handing my banking details over to someone with an online shopping addiction? You can find basically nothing on this company or the pills on google. The Steven Hawkings interview about these specific pills is very vague on if it actually ever took place. You can’t find anything on youtube or google, no reviews on the pills aside from this clearly supported by adderin site.

    • hey we share your concern on this matter, never buy anything over phone, you never know if they actually are from the company they are mentioning or someone just doing a prank and stealing your money. We here are not asking for any of your bank details neither are we selling the products, we just share the reviews from people who have used the product and yes we try mostly to write about new products so its no surprise there is not many reviews on this product yet. But you should know having a million reviews of a product doesn’t actually prove its authenticity. Anyways do keep us updated about what happened with this 5 bottle purchase of yours so we could warn other people about these fake calls(if it is fake), we hope you don’t get fool so if you do get your pills share your results with us or if you try a new product do let us know about that too we might write about your suggested products :).

  8. If I take it, when will it affect me, how many hours? Is the effect continues in days or months? And what if I stopped?

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