3 Easy Tips To Look Perfect Hair

To rinse your hair with cold water, in addition to activating the circulation, we will seal the hair cuticles, so our hair will look shinier and silkier.

Beautiful hair is a symbol of femininity and health. We all love to enjoy a spectacular hair with to feel attractive. But we know, sometimes it costs a lot of money: cosmetic treatments, face masks … From our space we want to give you simple natural tips that will not cost you anything. You’d teach it!

How to get a beautiful and healthy

1. Brush your hair twice a day

You might seem obvious, but the simple act of brushing your hair twice a day will stimulate circulation achieve our scalp. Thus we stimulate growth and improve their nutrition. It’s like an activating massage that costs us nothing to practice: remember, brush your hair two to three times a day.

2. Rinse with cold water

Are you afraid of the cold water? It is invigorating, stimulates circulation and stands as an ideal remedy for your hair. Hot water damage our scalp, it is something that must know since it becomes dry and dull. If you rinse your hair with cooler water you will achieve seal the hair cuticles, making it shiny and silky that better reflect light. And do not forget: accelerates the growth of your hair!

3. First conditioner after shampoo

Did you know? It is a way to protect our hair. With this simple trick of first applying conditioner, we get more hydration and unsurpassed shine. Another trick to remember is that when you’ve already put the conditioner and shampoo in the final rinse hair can apply a few drops of lemon, or even a tablespoon of coconut oil. You get a brief massage and then just rinse with warm or cold water. You will see what a great result.


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