10 Exercises For A Perfect Legs And Very Sexy

Have a nice toned legs and should not be a problem … If you have enough perseverance. You only have to take a few minutes a day to run a routine that attack from all sides, your legs (and butt). Here are 10 exercises that you can combine or incorporate into your training. In a few weeks you’ll notice the change for the better: a sexier and defined legs.

1. Squats: Classic. The lifetime. If you want to increase the difficulty you can always try to add weight or increase the number. Stand with your legs separated by about 20 centimeters, we will lower the trunk until our thighs are parallel to the floor. Repeat. Very good for the glutes, perform them correctly will guarantee success.

2. Lunges: Even more effective than squats, stride or ‘lunges’ serve to increase the elasticity and firmness of quadriceps and buttocks. They are a very demanding exercise, so we recommend you to take it easy at first. His technique is also very refined, so make sure to do them well before many.

3. Elevations heel: How the name suggests, for this exercise we will locate and we will stand on tiptoe, then return to starting position. They are ideal for improving the twins.

4. Jumping Jacks: Also called separation jumps legs are intense exercise and requires good technique. While opening jump legs, our arms rise up to almost slap over the head. To prevent injuries, it is best to do them very carefully. With them you will work your hips.

5. Sumo Squat: A variant very effectively to define the outer part of your buttocks and hips squats. They are carried out as a normal squat, but with legs apart sumo wrestler style.

6. Leg Raise: Lying on your back, forearms flat on the floor, lift your legs while to make a 90 degree angle relative to the ground. This exercise will work the quadriceps harden your legs and your abs.

7. Mountain Climbers: A high-intensity exercise that will require a lot in a very short time. Put yourself in position ‘output’ as if it were a track meet, resting your palms on the floor and trunk parallel to the floor. He begins to ‘run’ on the site, bending his knees almost to his chest. A comprehensive routine that required the most of your quadriceps, calves and buttocks.

8. The Bridge: A classic leg exercises. Lie down on a mat face up and let your legs bent, conveniently separated. Back up to form a ‘bridge’ helping with the forearms, which will be placed on the floor. Keep a completely straight and low second without supporting the buttocks. Repeat. Perfect for a firm buttocks.

9. Pretzels: This exercise, too little known, takes its name from the famous crackers. The pretzel legs serves to attack from the side. Rely on one of your legs, bent over a mat and in front of you. Fold the other and run with it a movement up and down. Repeat changing legs.

10. Burpees: Another intense exercise and we have already discussed earlier. With them you will work pectorals, biceps and triceps, the abdominal muscles, the gluteus and quadriceps. You should not abuse them and if you are a beginner, you should avoid jumping the end.


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